Gdańsk 2018

Excerpts from Jamboree Regulations

  1. National Jamboree Gdańsk 2018 is organised by Związek Harcerstwa Polskiego – Główna Kwatera ZHP, ul. M. Konopnickiej 6 (00-491 Warszawa) in the name and on behalf of which Jamboree Executive Team is acting.
  2. These regulations apply to all participants, IST, leaders and all visitors who enter the Jamboree site, or other places, where Jamboree Programme is taking place.
  3. Participants may take full part in the Jamboree Programme. The rules of distributing activities among patrols are set by Jamboree Executive Team.
  4. IST members in charge of respective programme activities will inform participants about special safety regulations that should be followed at their programme points. If one does not follow the rules, the IST may exclude them from the rest of the activity or end the activity for the whole group.
  5. All the participants, IST members and leaders must act according to their Scout Law / Guide Law and to these Regulations. Polish scouts and guides must follow Polish Scout and Guide Law.
  6. Bringing firearms, knives longer than 10 cm (day visitors cannot bring knives at all), pyrotechnics accessories, easily flammable objects, and other unsafe objects is prohibited. Final decision to allow or forbid certain objects will be made by Head of Security.
  7. Smoking outside designated areas, drinking alcohol or using psychoactive substances is strictly forbidden.
  8. Blocking vehicle entries and emergency exits is strictly forbidden.
  9. Participants must obey any regulations established by Jamboree Executive Team.
  10. Participants must follow the instructions of Subcamp Leaders, Jamboree Executive Team, Jamboree Services and Troop Leaders.
  11. Visitors entering Jamboree site must wear scout/guide scarves, ID cards in visible places and show them on demand to Scout Security Service.
  12. Participants must keep their subcamp and the whole Jamboree site tidy, keep order and lead hygienic lifestyles during the Jamboree.
  13. Food must be stored in designated areas. Food you receive during the Jamboree should not be stored longer than 24 hours.
  14. Drinking water can be taken from designated water dispensers.
  15. When noticing dangerous situation participants should inform the Scout Safety Service.
  16. Participants perform duties in subcamps, according to rules and schedules established by subcamp leaders.
  17. Troop leaders are responsible for following these regulations by their participants and for their behaviour during the Jamboree. Troop leaders and patrol leaders are responsible for the life and health of their members.
  18. All injuries and illnesses must be reported to medical staff of the subcamp, or the nearest member of the medical staff.
  19. Participants cannot leave the Jamboree area without notice and consent from their superiors.
  20. Troops and patrols are allowed to leave the Jamboree site only in organised manner, under supervision of their adult troop or patrol leaders. Leaving the Jamboree site must be reported to the subcamp leader.
  21. Campfires and open fire is strictly forbidden outside the designated areas. Terms of using them are described in another rulebook.
  22. Between 23:30 and 6:00 all participants are required to be on the Jamboree campsite, except the ones taking part in the night activities. During those hours participants must allow others to rest.
  23. Between 6:00-23:00 on the campsite vehicles are strictly forbidden (except Jamboree buses and vehicles belonging to Jamboree services). Detailed rules are written in another rulebook.
  24. During official events participants must wear scout/guide uniforms. During programme activities participants must wear scout/guide T-shirt and the Jamboree scarf. The scarf may be worn with scout/guide uniform as well as with everyday clothing.
  25. Mass Events Regulations apply for Opening and Closing ceremonies and concerts.
  26. Organisers are not responsible for items left on Jamboree site.
  27. Jamboree Executive Team may remove from the Jamboree any participant, leader, IST member, or visitor disobeying these regulations. This applies especially to those under influence of alcohol or psychoactive substances, those trying to smuggle forbidden materials and substances (alcohol, cigarettes, psychoactive substances), and those disturbing public order.