Gdańsk 2018

Przyszłość zaczyna się dzisiaj, nie jutro!

The future starts today not tomorrow


The idea behind it

The aim of the Polish National Jamboree “Gdansk 2018” is to celebrate the 100 years of Poland’s regaining independence, as well as the 100 years of founding of the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP). Having in mind scouting values, we want to inspire you to change the world for the better. We want to achieve this by developing a motivating, exciting and engaging programme. It will provide an opportunity for participants to grow in various ways – socially, physically, intellectually, and spiritually. Each one of you will have the chance to participate in seven different programme modules. The hub which you are assigned to determines the order of the modules. Furthermore, a special Campfire called Watra will be burning to remind us of the anniversaries. Let’s experience this adventure together!

Opening Ceremony on 7th August is the first point on your schedule. The rest of the programme comprises seven modules, evening activities, including those prepared by your Subcamp, and the Regions Day. We will end the Jamboree with Closing Ceremony on 15th August.

Briefly about programme

Programme modules:

Regions Day

Spiritual Development Centre

Evening programme

Programme modules:


Discover Gdańsk from a different perspective. Take part in city games, each created for a different age group. In this module you are going to discover Gdańsk as a multicultural city of freedom. Its rich character reveals dozens of different perspectives on modern and old history, art and culture.


You are going to experience what possibilities science and technology offer today. Together with local universities and institutions, you are going to try solve scientific problems. Activities related to technology, sources of energy, economy and entrepreneurship (how to manage your resources wisely or create your own business) will take a form of simulations, workshops and games. Civilisation is everything around us: starting from inventions like script, through Greek and Slavic culture, literature, music, architecture, ecological disasters, diseases like depression and addictions, wars. These create challenges for us, youth: we want to be hired and have jobs, we want to keep our identities in pursuit of success, we want the world to be better. And science gives us hope for better tomorrow.


One cannot compare to anything the feeling of being on sea, where captain’s decisions may affect the whole crew. The crew has to show its courage, physical abilities, and follow the lead of the captain. Yachts, boats, kayaks are only some of the tools of great character building. Participants will have a chance to try team work which is the basis of action both at sea and on land when we are preparing for a cruise. Some of the activities the module offers are building models of plywood yachts, classes on knots, water battle, navigational game between buoys and… swimming lesson on the beach.

Community Service

Over one day trip across beautiful region of Kaszuby you are going to experience colourful and unique traditions and language that has not changed for over a hundred years. When listening to it, one can still hear sounds of forests and lakes.

This adventure will give your patrol a chance to serve local community, and to make this world a little better than you have found it. This module will be an inspiration for you to look around, to discover what it means to be an active citizen. It will take a whole day.


Participants will decide what they want to do. With specially prepared travel guide in their hand, and a package of free of charge entrances, they may choose to explore Sobieszewo Island, sightsee Gdańsk, visit a cultural institution or just take a walk with another patrol.


In this programme you will have a chance to set off on a journey to discover Sobieszewo Island. You will see the impacts of human interference in the environment. During this module you will take part in two activities and additional one to do during your free time. All of them will be located on Sobieszewo Island. Be ready to hike, regardless of the weather.


You are going to find out about challenges of modern and diverse world. We want you to be ready for meetings with other people, so that you can understand their needs. The workshops and scout games are going to discuss global issues like migration, peace, tolerance, climate changes, and more. We will do it alongside organisations and partners that specialise in those areas.

Regions Day

Traditions and customs from all regions of Poland will be shown during the Regions Day. It will be open to public, so the residents of Gdańsk can experience the scouting and guiding atmosphere as well. It will be held at Jamboree Marketplace and the boulevard. It will begin in the morning and last the whole day.

Spiritual Development Centre

This is a place where all the participants, leaders and IST can talk about religion, philosophy or moral dilemmas. Various activities will take place there: seminars, discussions, meetings and workshops. We want you to rethink why certain values are of importance for you, why religion is or is not a part of your life. In the evenings it can be a chance to sum up your day and reflect upon questions which are not raised in everyday life – what service, faith, love mean? What is the purpose of our existence?
Between 5 and 7 pm priests, psychologists, guides will be available for you if you feel the need to talk about yourself and your doubts. Everyday morning masses, worship meetings, as well as gratitude meetings for unbelievers will take place. Also in order to inspire you, well-known Polish people will participate in some of the discussions.

Evening programme

Apart from the subcamp evening programme, various activities will be waiting for you at the Marketplace. Please remember it is there for everyone: participants, leaders and IST. What has been planned for you:

  1. Rover and Ranger Village – where all the rovers and rangers can feel at home
  2. Special activities tent – a chance to see how special activities work in ZHP, including first aid, fire extinguishing, signalisation, defence, and more. See for yourself!
  3. Conference Centre – a place for leaders to discuss important subjects


  1. “Civilisation” – discussions, meetings with interesting people, and live music
  2. “Scouting and Guiding for everyone” – café run by a group within ZHP who strives for making scouting and guiding truly open and accepting diversities
  3. Press Café – run by Media Team, will include meetings with authors, book crossing and cultural activities
  4. Talent Factory – interviews with inspirational people