Gdańsk 2018

ZHP – the singing scouts

We sing most of the time. The tradition lasts since the very beginning of polish scouting movement. Do not be shy, try to sing along.

You were probably surprised that polish scouts sing in almost every situation during the day. Are we marching? Let’s sing! Are we about to eat lunch? This is time to sing. Twice. Before and after the meal.
‘I think all the singing is very soul lifting’ said Theodore, scout educational leader from Stockholm.
As a polish, I cannot disagree with it.
But did you know, that some of the songs currently sung are more than one hundred years? A good example is Dalej wesoło. You can ask the polish scouts to sing together, for the refrain is very simple. You can find the lyrics in polish with translation below:

Dalej, wesoło niech popłynie gromki śpiew,
niech stutysięcznym echem zabrzmi pośród drzew!
Niech spędzi z czoła wszelki smutek, wszelki cień,
wszak słoneczny mamy dzień!

Tra la la la la la la la,
w sercu radość się rozpala.
Tra la la la la la la la,
chcemy słońca, chcemy żyć.

Harce, wycieczki, obozowych przeżyć moc,
piosnki gorące, mknące jak kamyki z proc,
serca złączone bratnich uczuć cudną grą
pozdrowienia ku nam ślą.

Tra la la…


Go on, let the chants flow cheerfully,
let a hundred thousand voices sound in the trees!
Let all sadness, all shade, be spared from my head,
after all, we have a sunny day!

Ref .:
Tra la la la la la la la,
joy is kindled in the heart.
Tra la la la la la la la,
we want the sun, we want to live.

Rallies, trips, lots of adventures on the camps,
hot feathers, scuttling like pebbles,
hearts joined by the wonderful melody of brotherly feelings
are sending greetings to us.

Tra la la…

autor: Karol Barbucki

Author: Anna Chromińska 12.08.2018


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