Gdańsk 2018

Our Jamboree Gdańsk 2018 starts soon. Dear Parents, before you let your child on a journey to Poland, we would like to inform you about steps taken to provide maximum safety during the Jamboree.

Medical staff

Medical staff will be available 24 hours a day to ensure immediate reaction in case of emergency. It consists of nearly 100 people, scouts and guides,  trained either in our first aid courses or during their medical studies. In addition some of them work as paramedics or doctors on a daily basis. Moreover, the ambulance will be available on site.

Scout Safety Service

Scout Safety Service will patrol the site. They will ensure unauthorized people do not enter the site; show the way for participants, and conduct the traffic. They will work alongside Police and other government services.

Fire safety

During the Jamboree special fire brigade will be at all times on site. Every shift will be covered by 4 people, with help of the Army Fire Service and students from Fire Academy. A fire engine will be on duty at all times.