Gdańsk 2018

Gdańsk is a place of varieties

Here you can experience the voice of youth and wisdom of past generations. It is a heart of dynamic changes, however one can see rich heritage all around. Diversity of the City of Freedom allows every tourist to find something for themselves. There are as many reasons to love Gdansk as there are people living in and visiting it.

Seaside atmosphere

Sandy beaches, boulevards, the port and ships slowly moving alongside the horizon. All that creates a unique atmosphere. The sound of waves unites with the rhythm of footsteps. One can hear chirping of birds, reminding us that nature is all around us. The beaches of Gdańsk are said to be the best in Poland. Moreover, the marinas and beaches are awarded every year Blue Flags – international sign that they are clean and safe. This year 10 of them will be waving in the city of Freedom.

The place of changes

Gdańsk is the European capital of freedom. It is where Solidarność was established. In the 1980s first objections against communist regime were raised right here/there. Entering the area of the Gdańsk shipyard, watching the symbols and buildings, we are feeling the importance of events which had taken place here. The Statue of Fallen Shipyard Workers reminds us of the events leading to establishing Solidarność. There is also Westerplatte, a place where the II World War broke out, and where 200 soldiers were defending the port for a week.

The harmony of architecture and nature

Walking down “Długa” or “DługiTarg” streets, one can see works of architects, who came to Gdańsk throughout the time from Poland and abroad. For tourists, must-see buildings include the Town Hall, the Artus Court and Neptune’s Fountain. Restaurants and cafes, so common in here, allow visitors to breathe in the atmosphere and admire the architecture. Stone alleys, together with flickering lights in the evenings, create undeniably unique character.

For those who seek contact with nature, there are plenty of green areas around the city. One can use them during longer walks to sit down and unwind in the shadows of trees. Parks and squares not only allow sport enthusiasts to practise in beautiful sceneries but also are a great place for meetings. Oliwski Park and a nearby ZOO are the places which everyone should visit.


Entertainment and culture

The places where locals go to relax are 100cznia (The shipyard), Ulica Elektryków and Podwórko. You can taste street food there, and see works of Polish and foreign artists. They all invite you to sit outside and far from the noise of everyday life.

Gdańsk has become an important place in terms of culture. Various institutions promoting art, which are recognisable in Poland, were established here. The Polish Baltic Frédéric Chopin Philharmonic apart from concerts organises conferences, meetings, and exhibitions. Another institution providing similar activities is The European Solidarity Centre, a relatively new museum. One cannot forget about The Baltic Sea Cultural Centre, where visitors have a chance to participate in events connected with music, literature, and science.


For more information please visit: www.visitgdansk.pl