Gdańsk 2018

Jamboree HQ statement

Jamboree HQ Communication

Please be advised that the well-known culture animator and social worker Marek W., detained by the police in Sobieszewo Island, is not associated with the Polish Scouting and Guiding Association (ZHP). An aggrieved boy is not a member of the ZHP and was not a participant of the ZHP National Jamboree as well.
Please be advised that Marek W. is not a member of the ZHP, he was not a participant nor leader at the Jamboree. He did not perform any functions or did not perform any educational activities at the Jamboree.
After detention we informed the Jamboree staff and leaders about the incident. Everyday leaders on daily briefings with participants pay attention to important matters related to children’s health and safety. The Safe from Harm Policy was incorporated in the pre-jamboree training. This training is obligatory for all adults at the jamboreee.
The ZHP Jamboree is the biggest educational event this summer, and its participants are looked after by over 1.200 leaders and educators who have undergone necessary training related to the requirements set by the Polish Ministry of National Education. The walfare of children is the most important value for us. For this reason, we are happy with the support provided by the Police on the spot, by issuing its mobile post and a preventive tent at the Jamboree Plaza.
Karol Gzyl, Jamboree Director
Author: Grzegorz Zieliński 13.08.2018


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