Gdańsk 2018

Brief talks about Poland

Today I met loads of amazing people waiting at the registration point at Amber Expo. Many of them came from England, Saudi Arabia or Sweden. They had some intriguing comments about our event.


Anonymous scout from Sweden

Where are you from?

Hi, I am from Sweden, northern part of the country.

Why did you come here?

It is my first experience with both scouting and travelling abroad. I wanted to find something different from what I got to know in my home country.

What about your first impression of your stay?

I have a very ‘crowded’ feeling, I saw many people I mean scouts waiting to reach the event place and I think they are all as excited as I am!

Anonymous scout form Sweden

Hello, where are you from and why are you here?

Just as my friend I am from Sweden. We just wanted to do something that we really hadn’t done before. We have never been outside of Sweden, so we looked for different options to meet scouts from abroad. We ended up choosing Gdansk for no specific reasons. It was relatively close and seemed nice.

What are your first thoughts about Poland?

That’s a difficult question, we haven’t seen much but we were yesterday in Krakow. I don’t even know whether this city is typical for Poland but it was interesting.

What about something strange that happened to you during your stay?

We were in Krakow and together with my friend Henrich we walked up some nice hill just you know in a whim and accidentally walked into in the middle of huge celebration of 100th anniversary of independent Poland. Polish president was there, he passed us by and we stood there all confused not knowing what to do.

What are your expectations about this event?

I have really no idea what to expect, I can see the event is huge and for now there is confusion typical for such demanding occasion e.g. we can’t find T-shirts for us none of them fits, I think I will end up in an XXL.

Henrich, scout from Sweden

How do you like it for now?

I think it’s really cheap. I think that is good – it may sound simple, but I have a feeling that there is so much more to know about this country and I am waiting for it.

Can you tell me something about one person that you met here and kept in your mind?

When we were on this parade, there was a man with ridiculous clothing, he had a hat with feathers, bright red boots. I didn’t really know how to react while watching him it was simply to ridiculous for me.

Why did you come here with your friends? Are there any other places you wanted to go to?

After we had great time during our national event we wanted to find out how it looks abroad, we were also interested in events in Netherlands and Southern Europe, but we didn’t manage to sign in – so we came here. It turns out it was a good choice I am really enjoying myself and it’s only the beginning.

Courtney from Teesside, England

Where are you from?

Teeside, northern part of England.

Would you like to make any comments about your stay here?

I’d like to say something about our days before the event. We had loads of weekends together to get to know each other. It is my first trip with people I met only few months ago, so I am very enthusiastic about it since I already feel very friendly with all of them.

Okay, anything else you want to say?

My friends locked themselves up in the hotel room! The best of it is that the key card was so dirty that we couldn’t open it up even from the outside, but hotel manager managed to find an extra key card and everything was then fine.


Author: Rebeka Bączyk
Text comes from Jamboree’s newspaper “Skaut Gdański” no. 2 from 7 August 2018

Author: Hubert Jezierski 9.08.2018


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