Each day, together with your patrol, you are going to participate in one module of the jamboree programme. Each activity will be a great adventure, an occasion to learn new skills and discover why Future starts today!


Yachts, boats, kayaks are only some of the tools of great character building – sailing. Everyone will have a chance to discover their limits and try team work. “Water” stands for watersport activities in the harbour area of Gdańsk and sandy beaches of Sobieszewo Island.


You are going to experience what possibilities science and technology offer today. Together with local schools and institutions, you are going to challenge a science itself. Activities related to technology, sources of energy, economy and entrepreneurship (how to wisely manage your resources, create your own business) will take a form of simulations, workshops and games.

Community Service

Over a one-day hike across beautiful region of Kaszuby you are going to experience colourful and unique traditions and language that has not changed for over a hundred years and in which you can still hear sounds of forests and lakes. This adventure will give your patrol a chance to serve local community and make this world a little better than you have found it. This module will be an inspiration for you to look around and discover what it means to be an active citizen.


You are going to find out about challenges of modern diverse world. We want you to be ready for meeting with other people so that you can understand their needs.
The workshops are going to discuss global issues together with other organisations and partners.


Discover Gdańsk from a different perspective. Take part in city games and let their varied scenarios show you the city in a totally different way! In this module you are going to discover Gdańsk as a multicultural city of freedom. Its rich character reveals dozens of different perspectives on modern and old history, art and culture.


Sobieszewo Island has a lot to offer – beautiful nature, national parks, sandy beaches. All right around you. Nature is fundamental environment for a scout, it helps you to stop and listen to yourself. Over this module you are going to discover great potential of your team.