Ceremonies are part of scout programme that never change, but it’s always a chance to see something different. How do you think? How this Opening Ceremony is going to look like? Do you know the difference between north and south of Poland? No? Now you can taste it on Regional Day.

Opening Ceremony- 7th August

It will be the first day of your great adventure! We will celebrate the opening in the evening. Together with other scouts and guides you will see the lighting of the ZHP Centenary Watchfire.

Regional Day - 12th August

During Regions’ Day we will celebrate the diversity of our local communities. This day will also be associated with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of Poland’s regaining independence. Each Region will present its history in an active way. You are going to feel the diversity that builds our community!

Closing Ceremony - 15th August

Before we go back to our homes, the Closing Day and the Closing Ceremony will make us think about how to use all the new knowledge and experience, to create Future Today!