How to participate? What are you going to eat? What are the important dates?

International Participants

Jamboree is an educational event for Scouts. Its programme is prepared for participants aged 6-21

Basic unit is a troop of 40-scouts divided into four smaller teams 10 scout each.
Each team should register 1 adult leader and 9 participants.
International teams will be part of Polish scouts troop in order to create best exchange programme possible.

Troops will be a part of Gniazdo, approx. 2000 scouts from one part of Poland. Together there will be over 10 000 scouts.

We expect around 1.700 IST participants. Do you want to join? write us!


ZHP has 17 Regions. Troops from one Region will camp together. Region’s camps will be grouped to form six 2,000 people sub-camps.


Participants Food
Participants are going to have access to on-camp stores where, thanks to pre-paid card they can get food to cook their meal. Thanks to provided recipes it will be even easier to think what to eat.
Troops of 40 are going to cook their meals together in cooking areas with tools provided. Second breakfast will be provided during programme.

IST Food
Because of tight schedule and amount of work, food for IST will be provided in camp canteen.

How are we going to do that?
External partner is going to be responsible for providing food for us every day.

Ready meals for participants?
Yes, we’re going to provide food trucks and similar so that you can share your free time with your friends and meet other scouts.

Important dates for international guests

15.11.2017 – Participants registration deadline
10.2017 – First part of fee
3.2017 – Second part of fee
5.2018 – Third part of Fee